Instant pop-up shops with no fees

High quality online retail with no transaction or subscription fees. Get selling faster, cheaper.

For just a £39 one-off payment
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£39 one-off payment

No transaction or subscription fees.


Popsta is built and managed by the super experienced team at Simpleweb, who’ve been making and delivering apps and SaaS for nearly 15 years.

Start selling instantly

Choose your shop’s name, add your products, share on social media, make sales, get paid.

No ongoing fees

We charge a simple one-off upfront payment. We don’t charge you transaction fees or subscription fees.

Create your shop in minutes

We want you to be able to get your products to your customer’s as fast and simple as possible.

No subscription fees

Popsta is a one-off purchase, there’s no contracts to sign and no worries about recurring payments eating at your profits.

You own it

You’re not tied to us in any way — you own everything. Once you’re setup you have the control.

Free updates for life

While you’ve got the reigns we’ll continue to support you with free updates to your shop for life.

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Our demo shop

Have a look at our demo shop to see what you’ll get out the box.
Try it out with these dummy card details 4242-4242-4242-4242 10/12 123

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Simple, fast & secure

Popsta is designed around simplicity, speed and security using industry leading technology.

Keeping it simple

All the complexity with traditional shops is gone. Add your products and take sales, simple as that.

Blazingly fast

Unlike traditional e-commerce sites that are often bloated and slow, Popsta has no database to deal with so it can get your products in front of your customers as fast as possible.

Security by design

Products, payments and customer information are all handled securely through the industry leading payment provider Stripe. You’ll never have to worry about collecting customers personal data or running into GDPR issues.

Keep up to date with Popsta

Be the first to know about product updates